Mother is 95 and slowly going...she has like all elderly UTIs may bacterial infections which ultimately will cause her death ("death of old age")..she has dementia (about 99%) of all elderly in their mid to late 90's..but she does have rights!! These doctors slowly take their time in admitting them..knowing that they will die soon..she's needs antibiotics stronger than the one she has..she has undergone 4 cultures all riddled with bacteria making her dementia worse..I have tried to get her an appointment but the lines are always busy!!!!..this morning I am trying again..I do not want to take her to urgent care where she can get antibiotics because that would be at least two hours of her sitting in her wheel chair...she is very fragile..let her have what's left of her life..at least give us a fighting chance against "nature" which fits Hitler's concept except Hitler wanted them exterminated at age 65..NATURE wants them out once they are in their 77's and up..

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